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CoachUp | Innovate Boston - Showcasing unique entrepreneurs

CoachUp is an online platform designed to connect private coaches with star athletes of tomorrow.  Drawing from a diverse group of community reviewed coaching talent,  the marketplace offers families the ability to hand select mentoring by sport, logistics and time-frame appropriately meeting the needs for customized growth.  Mutually beneficial to coach and athlete, Coachup provides the central point of reality to promote superior coaching prowess and empower athletes to best fuel their passions.

site: https://coachup.com/
twitter:  http://twitter.com/coachup
Achieve your potential!

04.2012 presenter

CEO, Jordan Fliegel

A born leader passionate to make a difference, Jordan, a former professional basketball player in Europe and the Middle East, and longtime basketball private coach, is a natural entrepreneur.  With experience in early stage companies, Jordan was hired after receiving his MBA to work at start-up Zintro, a venture-backed online marketplace in the information sourcing space. In 2011 Jordan launched CoachUp, where he applies his extensive knowledge of both online marketplace strategy and the sports private coaching industry.  Best yet, he leads by example.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jordan on a daily bases for the past 6 months.  His work ethic and thirst for knowledge are stunning.  He will succeed and no one will tell him otherwise!  After spending 15 minutes with this guy you realize his presence is influential, a leader who is inspiring flocks of new team members and interns ready to contribute and solve a problem many of us recognize as an immediate opportunity in fixing an archaic industry.

A Coaching community, coaching a Community

Coachup launches in MAY!!!

Coming in May you’ll have the opportunity to stop scouring Craigslist or searching for local cork boards hoping to stumble upon the proper fit for your kid’s athletic needs.  As Expedia and Travelocity have done as an online platform for the travel industry, Coachup will introduce a marketplace of efficiency, ease of use and access for private coaching and athletic training.