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Crowdly | Innovate Boston - Showcasing unique entrepreneurs

Crowdly is a consumer facing social platform for big brands on Facebook to identify, engage, and activate your advocates in authentic, organic conversations by letting them talk about their own ideas and stories about the brand in a reputation driven community.

What’s pretty cool, Crowdly changes the paradigm of where companies should centralize their digital footprints and empower customer communication – that is a very valuable commodity.

NOVEMBER.2012 presenter

CEO, Daniel Sullivan

After a decade of building bleeding-edge online community expertise, Dan has recently launched a complementary platform designed for big brands to better empower engagement on Facebook.  Evolving an original initiative spawned from a TechStars awarded idea, it’s easy to appreciate Dan has learned from being a serial entrepreneur.  When hearing him describe how social computing has come to be, including some pretty funny anecdotes comparing experience during burst years in Cali, boom-years in Round Rock after selling to Dell, and most recent years in Boston/Cambridge, you realize Crowdly is solving a problem thanks to Dan’s supreme focus.  By broadening the communication pipe in Facebook, Dan and Crowdly, have effectively allowed brands to best connect with their advocates via the platform of choice, Facebook.  Companies are beginning to figure out what Dan already knows, empowering brand endorsers to capitalize on social media and community engagement is the best bang for the buck.   Smart, funny and engaging Dan is directly involved in inpiring the Kendall Sq and CIC communities into becoming  a global powerhouse of entrepreneurs.  Dan is the stellar example of when smart folks are immersed in an industry, when true opportunity is realized, and when a problem is solved!


A very funny guy – we’re excited to see what he says on 11/14


After acquiring a significant social fanbase, BIG BRANDs  struggle with what to do next.  Crowdly addresses After-like” Marketing by creating proper plumbing within Facebook to build a better platform to empower top fans.

Allowing advocates to build an identity within a growing  brand community, complete with transparency, offers a mutually-beneficial relationship for fan and brand. Crowdly employs earned advocacy to help Brands use Social to engage and make impactful, and traceable, actions with their top fans.



 We let brands get more value, by being more valuable for their fans.