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myEdGPS | Innovate Boston - Showcasing unique entrepreneurs

myEdGPS provides online navigation guiding the parents of 19.3MM children in the U.S. with Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities and other challenges through complex processes to “best-fit” services and resources. turns roadblocks into roadmaps for those needing it most.

Selected by the Huffington Post to represent innovation and entrepreneurship at the DNC & RNC, myEdGPS, captained by Adam Goldberg, has also just returned from showcasing at the White House for top US Department of Education delegates.

NOVEMBER.2012 presenter

CEO, Adam Goldberg

A great guy set to do amazing things, Adam is a leader and visionary who strongly believes in the importance of for-profit companies making a difference in the World.  Maximizing a stellar background in software scalability and pedagogy,  Adam has evolved appropriate methods to deliver wisdom and guidance to a growing population. A passion to make a difference through intervention, advocacy and education of children with exceptional needs has culminated to produce much needed myEdGPS.  Prior, while a Freshman at Wharton, Adam launched a logistics company that would later employ 75 and solidify Adam as a lifelong entrepreneur.  After an early foray into both consumer internet and enterprise software, Adam co-founded and directed the Goldberg Center for Educational Planning, successfully guiding thousands of students over the course of a decade.  A 3-time Boston Marathoner who serves on several local education advisory boards and speaks regularly on the topic, Adam is deeply rooted in Boston, greatly strengthening our community.   The world needs more Adam Goldbergs;  great minds who recognize the monumental potential of social venture.



Today parents of children with exceptional needs are left with a hard choice: pay thousands for private education advising or struggle to navigate an information overload and scarce school guidance resources as their children fall behind.

EnCompass Education helps by making expert education advising more accessible through benefits programs sponsored by employers, associations, & other organizations, as well as an affordable, personalized online solution offered directly to parents through myEdGPS.

Clients include:

Credit Suisse, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, PWC, Freddie Mac, Merck-EMD Serono.

Appropriate waypoints assisting folks in need of wisdom