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BabbaCo | Innovate Boston - Showcasing unique entrepreneurs


BabbaCo‘s mission is to create “amazing stuff for kids and their busy parents”.  We exist to provide innovative solutions for the busy parenting lifestyle.  Best selling BabbaBox is a monthly delivery of activities w/ all the materials + know-how content to really engage with your kids!

“We’re in this together! This is our mindset, our approach, and our goal. We observe what parents are doing on an everyday basis and swoop in to create a solution.”

NOVEMBER.2012 presenter

CEO, Jessica Kim

Jessica is a dynamic leader set to do some very exciting things.   Immersed and focused on being a great mom has fueled Jessica’s entrepreneurial spirit as she recognizes opportunity by fixing problems for parents.   With her latest venture, BabbaCo,  Jessica has set her sights to the world she now knows best, parenting, where product creativity and innovation are both greatly needed.   While studying Anthropology as an undergrad, from her dorm room, Jessica launched a cookie company that eventually grew to $4MM in annual sales.  It became clear Jessica was an entrepreneur, and a serial one a that.   More recently, after getting her chops with an MBA from Kellogg and time well spent understanding brands while at Kraft Brands, Jessica launched BabbaCo, in Chicago.  This past year Jessica moved her family and company to Boston, to the next boom-town.   Jessica has the ability, the character, and the charisma to make some special things happen.  Her time is now, you won’t want to miss this story.

Know who’s behind your brand; for parents, a call to action:



Why we created the BabbaBox:

How often do you ask: “Hey kids, what do you want to do today?” You want to do activities that are fun, engaging, and enriching. You have so many ideas and topics that you want to teach your kids. But where do you start, what’s age appropriate, and where do you get all the materials? Let me introduce you to the BabbaBox solution!

  • Monthly delivery of a theme-based box with activities, knowledge, and experiences.
  • All physical materials + know-how content to engage your kid are included.
  • Designed by our panel of experts to encompass all the ways kids ages 3-6 love to learn.
  • Enjoy together as part of your family time!


___________________________________________________________________________Other BabbaCo innovations include

BabbaCoverinfant car seat cover that protects your baby with style. Comes in a Snuggle Fleece fall/winter version to protect from the cold AND an Airy Cotton version with SPF 50+ protection for summer.

BabbaBurpieinnovative burp cloths. Turns inside out for a truly 2-in-1 functionality.

BabbaMatself-inflatable play mat that can be used for infant tummy time, toddler nap time, multiples play mat, and an entire family picnic! Without any pumping, blowing, or batteries, it self-inflates within 3-4 minutes!