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Christcot Medical | Innovate Boston - Showcasing unique entrepreneurs

Christcot Medical is a device company supplying better options to Millions of patients prescribed suppository medication.  Prior treatment was a burden, Christcot’s innovation rebrands suppository medication in a way that is efficient, pragmatic and cost effective, making significant improvements to the experience of suppository patients.  They have crafted a potential Ux for a product with over 10 billion units distributed in a year in a $4 Billion industry.

Christcot Medical is partially funded by the Massachusetts Life Science Center and was named as one of the five most promising emerging life science companies in the Commonwealth for 2012.

NOVEMBER.2012 presenter

CEO, Jennifer Davagian Ensign

Jennifer is an inspiration!  It’s not often you find people who truly move you, but we can’t wait to to see Jennifer’s presentation at November’s INNOVATEBoston event.  As founder and CEO of Christcot Medical, an emerging medical device company located in Massachusetts, Jennifer is solving a problem that will truly change the lives of millions.  Holding the only patented FDA cleared device for the administration of rectal suppository medication, Jennifer’s innovation leads to healthcare savings through increased patient compliance by completely redeveloping user experience.  Prior to founding Christcot, Jennifer built a successful consulting business to the design trade, but was sidelined with a significant health event that led her to invent InsertEase.  Now disrupting arcane methods, and preconceived notions, Jennifer can pioneer change for all us, who we may receive future medicine.  Jennifer has leveraged her management and manufacturing skills with the sage advice of industry leaders to advance an idea into a reality.  An upbeat and exciting person who seems unyielding in drive, Jennifer will use future riches to solve many more problems.  We’re all lucky entrepreneurs like Jennifer Ensign use personal challenge to solve problems, and institute change.  The Boston community is lucky to have such tremendous talent on the cusp of great things ready to give back and inspire.

How Christcot Medical’s InsertEase came to be…

Jennifer inspects the first of millions of applicators soon to be made “At 22, I was diagnosed with Pan Ulcerative Colitis but was fortunate to experience long periods of remission.  In 2007, after significant advancement of the disease, hospitalizations, and a diagnosis of Crohn’s Colitis, I took responsibility for my noncompliance.  The suppository medication prescribed by my doctor was time consuming and greatly impacted my quality of life.  My doctor was having serious discussions with me about my treatment and the advancement of my disease, and a key topic was the critical role of prescription drug compliance in maintaining remission.

I made it a personal goal to take my medication as prescribed by my doctor.  In addition, I wanted to live a better quality of life without the need for protective undergarments.  I spent several months designing an applicator that would solve the problems of proper medication placement that could not be achieved with finger administration and eliminating the suction affect created when using a female applicator.”             

– Jennifer Davagian Ensign, CEO, Christcot Medical