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lovin’ spoonfuls | Innovate Boston - Showcasing unique entrepreneurs

Founder, Ashley Stanley at INNOVATEBoston3

Facilitating the recovery and distribution of perishables, lovin’ spoonfuls is paving new paths by establishing a channel of quality, nutritious food for local food pantries and kitchens.  An incredibly successful non-profit – that just makes sense for so many reasons – lovin’ spoonfuls has established an easy-to-use supply chain for retailers and restaurants to reduce waste and benefit through donating it as recaptured food.  A potential scalable solution that will empower local  communities to evaluate refinement in their regional food system, Ashley and lovin’ spoonfuls are set to do great things for many by enabling mutually beneficial results.

IB3VIDEO: eliminating food waste & doing great good

May.2013 presenter

Founder backstory, Ashley Stanley

“I’m a glorified truck driver” is what Ashley told me when we first met.  As humble as she’s talented, Ashley is making good things happen.  Her organization, a 2012 MassChallenge Award Winner, lovin’ spoonfuls re-purposes nutritious food.  They act as the interchange for hundreds of thousands of pounds of food, mostly perishables that grocers and restaurants would normally toss to the landfills, and deliver this quality, healthy food to those who need it most.  Working with retailers like Whole Foods, Shaws and Trader Joe’s, and marquee restaurateurs like Barbara Lynch, Ashley and her team spend painstaking time and effort to deliver sustenance to folks looking for food security.  Local purveyors receive benefit in the form of tax credit, lowered cost of waste distribution, and most importantly, positive PR/ notoriety for helping the breadth of folks in need of good food.  Schools, pantries, shelters and kitchens can all benefit from this opportunity to re-purpose what once considered “waste” to better serve communities, it’s in everyone’s best interest,  in every location. Ashley took it upon herself to launch this local initiative for impactful social change, but has her sights set on a scalable solution that will significantly shore up a counter-intuitive fragment of the national food system.  Ashley is a superstar, and one of those rare few who gets it done!   You can’t but love her passion, excitement and belief that we can all make a difference in this world.

“We believe that Boston is ready to join the national conversation about food rescue and healthier giving.
Lovin’ Spoonfuls is that platform!   There is enough food out there – let’s go get it!”  
Ashley Stanley, Founder & ED

The world needs more people like Ashley Stanley

all the lovin’

We have a budget of about $1 per meal and from that we have to make food that is healthy and tasty.  What the folks here are eating is local food, in season, which is what the really great restaurants around the world are trying to do and what Lovin’ Spoonfuls supplies to us.  
-Frank van Overbeeke, Executive Chef at Pine Street Inn

Boston’s a caring city, Boston is a giving city, and that’s why Lovin’ Spoonfuls is so powerful.  They give us the tools so folks who might not have a nutritious meal, have it…We can’t eradicate hunger, but we can slow it down. We can make sure more and more families have a nutritious meal – something healthy – and that’s what Lovin’ Spoonfuls does…
-Thomas M. Menino, Mayor of Boston

Organizations like Lovin’ Spoonfuls can actually solve the problem of food waste, which is a national tragedy.
-Andrew Zimmern, host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods


It’s staggering to know that that much food is getting thrown out when it could be provided to the people who really need it.  For Lovin’ Spoonfuls to come in and take what might be on the back-end of a restaurant’s needs and put it to good use – it’s upcycling, and getting it where it should be- in the hands of people who need it.
- Erin Byers Murray, author, Shucked: Life on a New England Oyster Farm