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Artisan’s Asylum | Innovate Boston - Showcasing unique entrepreneurs

Founder, Gui Cavalcanti at INNOVATEBoston3

A true hive of creativity, Artisans Asylum is a workshop of shared equipment, knowledge and community for hands-on innovators and mastercraftsmen.  Even more impressive than the 500 active members, is the line twice deep to rent one of Artisan’s Asylum’s onsite private 100sqft booths.   Well located near Union Sq. and spanning 40,000 square feet, Artisan’s Asylum has amassed a group of talented patrons that have evolved this cooperative hacker-workspace into a testing ground for progressive start-up activity ranging from crowdfunding, robotics, plasma metal fabrication, 3D printing & much more to come.

IB3VIDEO: Fostering a unique environment creating innovators

May.2013 presenter

Founder backstory, Gui Cavalcanti

After graduating from Olin College, Gui launched a small hands-on innovation lab to regain the feel of a creative community in Somerville. In only a few short years this evolving workspace model now serves equal parts mastercraftsman, artists, start-ups and enthusiasts, and is becoming a framework to soon be replicated in many cities around the world.  Evolving his thirst for knowledge and training, Gui institutes advancements in hands-on innovation through delivering education and training at one of the Artisan’s Asylum 30+ trainings a month.   The latest advancements in machining, high-tech electronics, woodworking, 3D printing – to metal and iron work – all available to growing volumes of members thanks to one guy who was looking for a location and resources to build his robot.   Within Gui’s great entrepreneurial innovation lays the fact that nearly all of the Asylum’s members are innovators themselves – many finding Gui’s concept an ideal way to test and cultivate their own passion, fostering more entrepreneurs.   Now, this engaging and creative leader looks to fuel his original passion for robotics by capitalizing on the  the framework Gui plans to share with the world.

Robot ‘Stompy’ is soon his next success!

Dedicated to making creativity a way of life,  Artisans Asylum support and promote the teaching, learning and practicing of craft of all varieties.  In January, Gui and team hosted a shared-workspace symposium at their home office in Somerville.  Over 200 attendees came from all over the world to learn best practice in opening and operating a profitable shared workspace environment.  Far exceeding expectations, Gui granted all attendees the blueprints to create their own revenue generating facility, but included a single stipulation for each conference participant to reinvest and contribute toward building better shared platforms – many using Artisan’s Asylum’s shared standards in developing workspace and robotics.  Now, that’s a smart guy planning on making a big splash in the future!


You must experience the Asylum:


A 4000 lbs. hexapod robot with unique ability to get around!  This 135 HP propane propelled monster will float 2 riders a top of 6 hydraulically powered legs, and it’ll all cost a fraction of conventional robotics builds.  Bootstrapping robots is not your common start-up, but neither is Stompy.   Using Kickstarter to raise nearly $100K, Gui and team are well on their way to having Stompy’s maiden voyage.

Seeing Stompy’s beta leg in person makes you realize that folks like Gui, and many of the Innovators at Artisan’s Asylum will drastically change the scope of where hands-on innovation will soon percolate into everyday life.  As part of the crowdfunded kickstarter campaign, the Stompy team auctioned off rides (when robot will be complete) and even the opportunity to drive this sucker – if the price was right.   Stompy may be an interesting vehicle choice for the city, but it would look pretty sweet as the vehicle of choice of Boston’s next Mayor.

Stompy on Kickstarter