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Sensible Baby | Innovate Boston - Showcasing unique entrepreneurs

Sensible Baby is a sensor-based baby monitoring Technology Company. We strived to usher baby monitoring into the 21st century by equipping parents with the tools they need to know more about their sleeping infants. Knowledge is power, and we giving parents back that power!

“We truly believe that we can have a wide and positive effect on the lives of parents and children. The SmartOne sensor is just the beginning of a larger trend in wearable technology and what we like to call the “quantified baby” movement. We hope you’ll join us.”

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May.2014 presenter

Founder & CEO, Ben Cooper

In addition to being a co-founder and CEO of Sensible Baby, Ben Cooper is an extraordinarily bright, passionate entrepreneur with an already amazing background. Ben was a sponsored researcher for the NFL’s Foot and Ankle Committee. While a part of the research team, he helped lead investigations in shoe-surface interaction on artificial turf, and the incidence of injury for athletes. He then moved on to be the lead footwear project engineer for the US Army at the US Army Natick Research, Development & Engineering Center. There he managed all technical aspects of the Army’s diverse footwear portfolio and their footwear performance lab.

Sensible Baby provides parents peace of mind with safe and easy to use infant-centered monitoring devices (product #1 sleepwear). The Company knows that babies don’t come with manuals, but believes that the information about and around your sleeping child should be as easy to access as turning on your smartphone. To reach this goal they have been continually designing, implementing, and perfecting their first device (the Smart One) that parents have expressed to them they want. With a crack team of engineers working to utilize the latest technologies and a first-rate business team to bring it from the lab into the homes of parents worldwide, they are close to product launch. Ben and his colleague just returned from an extremely good showcasing at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas. They’re were highlighted as one of the top 15 startups to checkout at CES and a tremendous amount of buzz around the show floor for being a cutting-edge wearable/IoT focused company. And Sensible Baby won the“Best Bootstrap” category at SXSW’s Accelerator competition.

Sensible Baby won the “Best Bootstrapped Company” Award

at the 2014 SxSw Accelerator Awards


Sensible Baby…

Revolutionizing Infant Wearable Technology

  • Safe and easy to use sensor system

Real-time Reassurance

  • Monitor your child’s position, temperature and movement on your smartphone or tablet

Safe Monitoring System

  • The SmartOne emits low energy radio signal that ensures child safety

Custom Alert Settings

  • Customize the type of alert for the sleeping environment and developmental stage of your baby

Energy Efficient

  • SmartOne’s low energy allows for superior battery life. No recharge or replacement for over 6 months!