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PetChance.org is a non-profit organization based in MetroWest Massachusetts. The mission is to remove obstacles for pet owners so they have more opportunity to provide excellent medical care for their pets.

“Healthy Pets. No matter what.”

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 May.2014 presenter

Founder, Peter Alberti

In addition to being a really kind, passionate entrepreneur, Peter Alberti is the founder of PetChance.org. On Thursday July 12, 2012 Peter was listening to a radio talk show. The guest was a veterinarian who answers callers’ questions about their pets. The prevailing theme from many of the callers was: “My vet told me my pet needs a treatment I can’t afford. What cheaper alternatives do I have? In far too many cases, pet owners are forced to sacrifice quality of life for their pets due to financial constraints. In the worst cases, people must choose to euthanize a pet when reasonable medical care might have been an option. Peter called the radio show to try to introduce the concept of Crowd Funding – web sites that enable multiple people to donate small amounts of money to a larger cause. When he couldn’t get through the busy signals, he realized there was an opportunity to improve the Crowd Funding process and make it specific to pets and their owners. That night, PetChance.org was born.

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A pet owner contacts PetChance.org and creates an  individual campaign, termed a Chance.  Peter and his team contact the hospital directly and review the treatment plan to eliminate the possibility of fraud and to determine the starting amount of the goal. The amount raised goes directly to the service provider; if it is less than the goal the amount is still released and the pet owner can either conduct another Chance on the site or discuss payments/negotiate cost with the provider.  If the amount collected ends up being more than what is required (or the cost originally set as the goal is reduced as the course of action was changed, for example) the additional amount can be used for the pet for one year; any additional services then “.. held in an account for the hospital/clinic where (you) received treatment.  The hospital/clinic can then use this money at their discretion to help other pets!”