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April 2012 Alumni


CEOChase Garbarino

BostInno is the fastest growing news property in New England, covering local innovation in entrepreneurship, venture, startups, business and technology, higher education, city news, and sports. 

from within innovation

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CEO – Jordan Fliegel

Coachup is an online platform designed to connect private coaches with star athletes of tomorrow.  Drawing from a diverse group of community reviewed coaching talent,  the marketplace offers families the ability to hand select mentoring by sport, logistics and time-frame appropriately meeting the needs for customized growth.

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CEO – Dave McLaughlin

Vsnap makes it easy to send short video messages. It’s a more personal alternative to email. The benefit of this behavior is that it’s a better way to engage and move recipients. In fact, in tests, vsnap recipients take action up to 41% more than email recipients.

… I’ll vsnap’ya!

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CEO – Ben Carcio

A retail promotions platform that makes it incredibly easy for brands to co-promote with their retailers.  Resulting info helps deciphering distribution channel and marketing results for any consumer manufacturing company.

redefining retailer engagement

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