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About us | Innovate Boston - Showcasing unique entrepreneurs

About Innovate Boston:

We’re folks who believe in investing in the passions of others. INNOVATEBoston advances amazing early stage local companies through events focused on showcasing outstanding leaders.  We seek out leaders that help bind a community filled with insights on how to execute on an idea with scalability. By providing an arena that offers access to greater opportunity for these Boston CEO superstars and their exciting ideas, our quarterly events will encourage fantastic community growth.  Stellar technologists have the unique platform to advance concepts at a rapid pace, and we strive to make INNOVATEBoston a connection point for a broader audience, for social entrepreneurs, and for a refined community with great momentum.



High-octane, local entrepreneurs establishing broader community and greater opportunity

Entrepreneurs make intriguing visionaries – storytellers who carve out a segment of the future and supremely focus to refine a concept through unrelenting effort.  Not all visionaries share this fire in the belly, but entrepreneurs do, as passion becomes a requirement for success.  On the local front there remain volumes of great stories untold, leading too many opportunities to leave Boston to find greener pastures elsewhere – with great entrepreneurs attached.  We need to get these stories out and encourage these innovators to remain valuable and innovative parts of this community.

INNOVATE Boston sets the stage to cultivate these local success stories.  The loss of talent lured to other parts of the country should force the question:  Why was there too little local opportunity? Truly unlike anywhere else in the world, Boston has access to the best of the best. The most well-regarded  academic institutions in the world are right here and produce an influx of innovation entrepreneurs doing incredible work to progress ideas through a variety of amazing ways.  But then what?  Efforts become splintered, often alienating stakeholders from each other rather than galvanizing us all as a community. 


Investing in our entrepreneurial superstars – Through coordination of quality CEO storytellers and tacticians, we are establishing a resource for best practices and engagement with a quality community.  Through knowledge share and interaction, we at INNOVATE Boston will empower established local talent to work directly with next-generation entrepreneurs, better fueling a platform and eco-system primed for growth. A community teaming with top quality engineers, front-of-house talent, gurus, accomplished entrepreneurs, business extenders, and financiers will greatly strengthen the core innovation engine that will power Boston in the years to come.

An incredible opportunity lies in front of us.  Not only is there already an influx of good ideas coming from blue-chip talent, a greater volume of visionaries will soon have access to early stage capital, with many making the leap to becoming entrepreneurs in need of guidance and growth.  Overwhelming bipartisan support of “innovation” demonstrates its role as central to US jobs growth; a decision not only influential in Boston’s community, but a broader opportunity to greatly advance social venture.  By connecting like-minded folks ready to share risk and reward in an effort to make a difference, great things and more innovation will result.   We all share a unique opportunity to do something great, to make a difference, and to evolve a community that is set to blow wide open.


founders and board:

Aaron Niederhelman – INNOVATEBoston Host & co-founder:

Aaron is Managing Director & founder at the Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund (EAF) & Ecology Management Systems.  Beginning his career in institutional investing at Fidelity Investments, Aaron gained much of his professional experience as a serial entrepreneur and mentor for innovative technology companies.  Aaron spent a decade as an executive at a successful business intelligence and mobile technology company – leading global sales and marketing through sustained growth and exit.   Along with hosting the ‘Growing Business’ radio show,  Aaron participates on numerous non-profit boards ranging from food security, climate change and social responsibility.  aaronn@treeviewconsulting.com


Steve Snyder – Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Gesmer Updegrove LLP & co-founder INNOVATEBoston

Following 17 years of very successfully building, funding and turning vision into reality at three companies, Steve’s focus at Gesmer is providing clients with impactful business guidance to drive revenue, increase profitability and create value, all at no charge. Examples of this value creation include creation of marketing programs and sales strategies, introductions to financing sources, prospective strategic partners and customers, identifying impactful inside team members and members of Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards.



Chris Twardowski – Executive Director of Client Services, Boston Healthcare & co-founder INNOVATEBoston

Chris has spent over 18 years in client-facing roles in the information technology and healthcare industries. His experience includes project management, account management, and business development positions within organizations specializing in software, corporate compliance, product lifecycle management, and the life sciences. Prior to joining Boston Healthcare, Chris was a Senior Account Manager at Inflexxion, Inc., a healthcare services firm providing risk management, clinical research, and pharmacovigilance services to the pharmaceutical industry.  Chris believes that the Boston area has unique and incredible potential to become one of the true hubs of global innovation.   ctwardowski@bostonhealthcare.com


Dick Sweeney – SVP, Northeast Market Manager for Bridge Bank’s Technology Banking Division & co-founder at INNOVATEBoston

Responsible for all business development and loan origination in the Northeast market for Bridge Bank, Dick brings to his role more than 17 years of Capital Markets and Financing experience.  Prior to joining Bridge Bank, Dick was Head of Capital Markets for AGC Partners, executing and managing all debt and equity financing activity on behalf of clients of the investment bank.  Previously, he was Vice President of Global Wealth and Investment Management at Bank of America and he was a Manager of a fixed income/block equity desk at JP Morgan. Dick has a B.A. in Government from Dartmouth College  dick.sweeney@bridgebank.com


Kevin Phelan -  Serial Entrepreneur & co-founder at INNOVATEBoston

Kevin has an impeccable background in communications, media, public relations and establishing & curating communities.  Previously, Kevin founded and sold Gutenberg communications, served as a staff writer at the Boston Herald and BostInno – and now acts as Managing Director at Agency.  Most recently, Kevin launched SoxLunch – a daily mailing that capitalizes on the opportunity in the evolving world of information delivery by better blending social media with formats well recognize and more comfortable to decision makers. Gaining the interest of over 20,000 sox fans in less than a year, Kevin’s delivery of short & pertinent mailings conjoin platforms of the modern world with broadly adopted mechanisms.  Similar to a Wall St. Journal front-page snip-it/teaser, or a sports summary in the back of USA Today – it’s what you need to know – quickly – in any format, from last night’s game.


Jeffrey Nadeau – Account Executive at Mashery & Project Manager at INNOVATEBoston

Jeffrey Nadeau attended Western New England College where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He began his career in technology sales with PTC and has since moved on to two other companies, both of which have been acquired. Jeffrey looks for companies that are leaders in their space who solve business problems. His hobbies include, participating in physical actives such as triathlons and the Tough Mudder. True to his Boston roots, he is a fan of all local sports teams. Jeffrey joined the INNOVATEBoston team in the Spring of 2013 maintaining all social media outlets and is the project manager for local networking events. jnadeau@mashery.com