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BostInno | Innovate Boston - Showcasing unique entrepreneurs

  is the fastest growing news property in New England, covering local innovation in entrepreneurship, venture, startups, business and technology, higher education, city news, and sports.

We combine a fast, edgy and opinionated editorial team with an open platform on which companies, organizations, and individuals are welcome to publish. Our focus is innovation, our community is comprised of innovators, and we are constantly striving to reinvent the model of local news online by enabling our users to lend their voice to the public discourse.

Launched in 2009, BostInno is the first property of Streetwise Media, which owns InTheCapital in D.C., and InTheEmpire (launching in April) in NYC.

Site: http://bostinno.com/
twitter:  http://twitter.com/bostinno

04.2012 presenter

CEO, Chase Garbarino

Chase Garbarino is the co-founder and CEO of Streetwise Media, which operates BostInno, InTheCapital, and InTheEmpire.

In 2007, while at Hamilton, Chase and Streetwise Media’s co-founder Kevin McCarthy launched CampusWord, a national collegiate publication consisting of over 200 writers and editors from approximately 150 of the countries top colleges and universities.  Following CampusWord, Chase and Kevin created Pinyadda, a social news aggregation platform, which led to the launch of BostInnovation.com. BostInno, as a local innovation news site, was relaunched in 2009.  Today, Chase leads the Streetwise Media team with the goal of continuing to fill the void left by traditional media and promote community publishing online.

Chase speaks to the power of community and the future of media:


BostInno is providing the view from inside innovation hubs.

Foundation of innovation.
Often times innovation is mistakenly categorized strictly within technology.  However, innovation is much more than just advances in technology.  Innovation is all that is new and driving change for the better, whether it is advances in technology coming out of MIT, new developments from the Boston Redevelopment Authority, or simply something new online that will brighten your day (yes, that includes hilarious videos).
BostInno’s foundation is innovation – we cover innovation, our audience is comprised of innovators of all kinds, and our platform connects and informs people in a way that drives innovation at a time in which we believe our economy and society desperately need change for the better.
The future of city news online.
The old model of news creation and distribution pioneered by the traditional newspaper companies is broken.  Passed are the days when a few people will inform the rest of us about what is going on in the world.  With new tools and technology, more people can collaborate and contribute, making journalism stronger, more vital and more democratic than ever before.