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Promoboxx | Innovate Boston - Showcasing unique entrepreneurs


Promoboxx solves this problem!


A retail promotions platform that makes it incredibly easy for brands to co-promote with their retailers.  Resulting info helps deciphering distribution channel and marketing results for any consumer manufacturing company.   90% of the products sold by companies such as Coke, Nike and John Deere, are sold through 1.1 million local retailers.   But, when these manufacturing brands market online, they go direct to consumer, ignoring those who actually sell their product, their retailers.   Retailers are left to market on their own, without the help of the product brands they sell.  By not working together, the brand and the retailer ultimately miss the opportunity to drive product sales and differentiate.                                                                   

 site: http://www.promoboxx.com/
twitter:  http://twitter.com/Promoboxx

04.2012 presenter

CEO, Ben Carcio

Ben is a charismatic guy with a good idea, one that could add an immediate data layer for fractured franchised organizations.   Ben is an online promotions guru and a grizzled retail marketing veteran.   Previous to co-founding Promoboxx Ben was VP of Online Marketing for CCA Global Partners, a $9 billion retail cooperative based in NH.   At CCA, Ben developed online marketing systems for 2,200 independent retailers with an impressive brag sheet of brands; Ben also founded a new division at CCA, titled BizUnite, where he built an online business services marketplace with over 500k retailer members.   He knows his stuff and the opportunity!  In between a few ski vacations and backpacking trips, Ben also co-founded web companies Acadient and Offertrax.

A superstar coming out of the TechStars 2011 class, Ben and Promoboxx just scored big, hosting the Chevy Super Bowl ad campaign 1 week early on local dealership websites.  Adopted by thousands of dealerships, Promoboxx delivered Chevy’s most successful dealership initiative, ever.   Not only catching the eye of big companies, what makes Ben unique is his ability to appeal to and motivate a top quality staff.  Collectively they’re a quickly growing company capturing interest thanks to a creative approach, and an intriguing leader.

The eco-system sells products


Promoboxx provides new perspective to cultivating valuable consumer  information granular to retailer, distributor, and vendor; or aggregated to the corporate brand.  For companies with good brand allegiance, it adds a whole different approach to deciphering distribution channel and marketing results.  By working efficiently with brand and/or retailer social  media, Campaigns can have immediate effects and provide cheap access to useful information.


When we talk to manufacturing brands, they love what we do, but there’s always one major objection: “our retailers won’t use it.” Ok, these seasoned execs are holding on to some preconceived notions, and I get it, I’ve been in their shoes. They believe that the best local marketing doesn’t involve their local retailers. I don’t believe this anymore. It’s time we stop underestimating these retailers, and start believing in them. So, here’s a list of what we do believe about retailers, and yes, this list goes to 11.

11 Things We Believe About Retailers

Retailers are…
1. The engines of our economy.
2. A manufacturing brand’s single most important customer.
3. What defines “Main Street America.”
4. Best equipped to make things local.
5. Providing a level of service that can never be replaced.
6. Open to online marketing.
7. Willing to sell more of a brand’s product.
8. Smart, tenacious entrepreneurs who can adapt fast to changes in the market.
9. Interested in technology that’s easy to use.
10. Extremely busy, but open to things that save them time.
11. Not going anywhere. Ecommerce will never sell more products than local retailers.
It’s the mission of Promoboxx to prove this list is true, because if it is, we’ve built something pretty special. Are we bold? Yes. Over confident? Maybe, but we need to focus on what we believe in, and that’s the retailer.   Do you?

- Ben Carcio, CEO